Call to Action – Email to NUNAVUT Member of Parliament

Online Event

***Each week, a different province or territory will be the focus of our call to action. Only a few more weeks left until all Members of Parliament in all provinces and territories have been contacted! Recently, bills C-47 and S-5 became law. The parts of these two bills pertaining to animal testing will prevent millions ... Read more

Toronto Pig Save weekly vigil for the Pigs

Fearmans Pork Inc. 821 Appleby Line, Burlington, ON, Burlington

Don't turn away. Please join us to bear witness to, and to speak up for, the thousands of baby pigs whose lives are needlessly and violently stolen from them daily at Fearman's slaughterhouses. Placards, leaflets, support are provided. ------------------------------- Please read these vigil and safety notes prior to attending. ☮️ Keeping Save Movement vigils peaceful. ... Read more

Nurturing Compassion & Resilience for Animal Rights Activists | Online Self-Care Workshop | NA

Online Event

In the relentless pursuit of animal rights, activists often bear the weight of grief, compassion fatigue, and the need for effective self-care. This workshop offers a supportive community for animal rights advocates to explore self-compassion, hold space for grief, and develop resilience. We will address the essential role of self-care and emotional transformation in the ... Read more