Fur Cruelty

In Canada, animals are still killed solely for their fur. They’re either trapped or raised on industrial, large-scale farms. Both methods cause immense suffering for an unnecessary product.

Help FurFree Toronto end the sale and manufacturing of products made from fur.

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Send pre-written emails (from your smartphone) to politicians, Louise Vuitton, Nobis, and Dior, asking them to end fur sales, and end fur farming.


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You’re Wearing WHO?

Foxes and other small animals such as mink and chinchilla are confined in small cages in fur farms across Canada and around the world, that are filthy, polluting and torturous. Killing is via anal or vaginal electrocution or gassing.

Learn the truth about Fur Farming.

Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur, We Animals Media

Nobis & other coats with real fur trim…

Coyote fur is used by Nobis and was used by Canada Goose. These animals are trapped in the wild from Canada and the USA. They suffer, terrified in a painful leg-hold trap (banned in many countries) or in horrendous neck snares before being shot, or stood on to break their ribs into their lungs.

Other trim is generally made from Asiatic Raccoon dog. These animals face atrocious lives in cages in other countries, and video shows them being dragged out of the cages and bludgeoned on the head. Video has also proven that they have been skinned while still alive.

Learn the truth about trapping.

Domestic Dogs and Cats

Domestic dogs and cats (sometimes former pets) are killed in China, Taiwan and the Philippines for fur. Undercover videos show these poor animals being skinned alive. It remains legal to import and sell dog and cat fur in Canada. Often this fur is falsely labelled as faux fur.

Bill C-246, which included the banning and import of dog and cat fur for sale in Canada was defeated in Parliament in October 2016. The fast facts below are from that bill.

  • The vast majority of cat and dog fur comes from China, which has no animal welfare laws.
  • In Canada, there are no labeling requirements for fur garments. Thus, it is entirely possible for cat and dog fur to be sold in this country, without anyone finding out. Fur products like fur trim, fur coats, and decorative baubles are completely exempt from the labeling laws that ensure other fabrics are clearly identified. With rare exceptions, dog and cat products are not labeled as such, and fur exporters have even admitted to placing false labels on dog and cat fur.
  • It is legal to import cat and dog fur into Canada, and police have apprehended shipments of counterfeited brand name winter parkas that use cat and dog fur.

Learn more about the dog and cat fur trade.

Questions & Answers

What coat can I buy to keep me (& my conscience) warm and cozy?

The alternatives are endless! Why choose a product that you know involved untold amounts of suffering and violence? Check out these awesome, progressive, fur-free alternatives: Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC), Patagonia, Helly Hansen, Hoodlamb, Wully Outerwear, Columbia Sportswear, North Face, Vaute, Arc’teryx, Fjällräven and H&M! You may be surprised how many of the big retailers make a point of not carrying fur in their stores.

If you’re buying a new coat, please consider making it down-free as well. Down is obtained in extremely cruel ways. Instead, look for Primaloft in puffy coats. It’s a synthetic microfibre insulator developed for the US Army as a water resistant down alternative. Today, Primaloft supplies the US Army, Marines and Special Forces.

But what if I already own a fur trimmed coat? I paid a lot of money/it was a gift /I bought it before I realized about the cruelty…

Trade-in your Canada Goose or similar fur-trim parka and get $100 off a Wuxly Outerwear parka! All jackets collected will be distributed by charities to homeless and at risk individuals in need.

Remove and donate the fur – stop promoting cruelty by continuing to wear it. Email AnimalRightsToronto@gmail.com and we will arrange to give it to a wildlife rehabber or farm sanctuary who’ll use it to help orphan animals.

I want to help – what else can I do?

Join us: Find events on our calendar, or submit your own event.
Share Gaiaisi’s anti-fur music video
Donate money and follow organizations such as the Fur-Bearer Defenders based in Vancouver, Canada
Take the #FurChallenge – speak up! Approach fur-wearers / leaflet / put up posters. Share on social media and tag 3 of your friends to take the challenge!

Please…..choose a kinder lifestyle!