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Marineland Opening Day Protest

Marineland Toronto, Ontario

MarineLand has announced that they will be opening for the 2022 season in May 21. Accordingly, we will be there to protest. See you there!

Marineland Closing Weekend Demo

Marineland Toronto, Ontario

We know you hate Marineland as much as we do. Join us as we remind the public that we have #noloveformarineland. Boycott Marineland Canada has done an amazing job of organizing Marineland demos this year, despite everything they have been up against during this pandemic. As a thank you to them, we hope to unofficially […]

Annual Marineland Demo 2020

Marineland Toronto, Ontario

The first demonstration of 2020! Come join us on the right side of the fence. More details will be added this weekend. Please stay tuned as these details will be very important to ensure a safe outdoor gathering for everyone. For now, please read below • This is a peaceful, law-abiding and kid-friendly event, with […]