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Toronto Pig Save Weekly Vigil

January 30, 2020 @ 8:30 am - 10:30 am

Toronto pig save weekly vigil

Don’t turn away. Please join us to bear witness and speak up for, the ten thousands of baby pigs whose lives are needlessly and violently stolen from them daily at Fearmans slaughterhouse.

Placards, leaflets, support are provided.

Please read these vigil and safety notes prior to attending.

☮️ Keeping Save Movement vigils peaceful.

1) Bear witness:
The purpose of Save Movement vigils is to bear witness, to try and help and give water to thirsty animals, to see the reality, to connect, to document, to share with others, and to expose a violent space. We occasionally disrupt trucks at all day vigils when we have the numbers.

2) Truck Drivers:
Many drivers are now voluntarily giving us time to bear witness after having used a very love-based approach at the vigils by talking to workers. We also have a worker helpline for those who wish to leave this violent industry. Some slaughterhouse workers may try to taunt. Offer a wave or peace sign instead of a negative reaction. Break the cycle of violence.

3) Avoid causing stress for animals:
When the pigs are surrounded, they may panic and try to flee causing a stampede. Most have not had positive human interactions in their short lives and may see us as danger. Let’s not cause any added stress to these beings than they already have. Fear. Many of these beings have not known kind human hands in the past. This may cause them stress.

4) Your safety:
Harvester Road is extremely busy with transport trucks and other large vehicles. When bearing witness, we are often not actively paying attention to our surroundings and tragedy could happen.
🙋‍ Keep Arms out of the truck:

We’ve experienced a few serious injuries from vigil attendees putting hands/arms into the truck. Please avoid the temptation to reach inside for the following reasons: The truck may suddenly move, trapping/taking you with it. Pigs are extremely large and heavy beings. Though they may not intend to hurt, a human arm may frighten them and simple movement can crush or break bones. Instead, offer your hand just at the opening of the truck. Some pigs will choose to come to you and sniff/lick your hand.

🚛 Move away from the truck once the trucks starts moving

❤️🐷❤️ Thank you for bearing witness. Please bring a friend. The more people who bear witness, the greater impact we will have in ending animal agriculture. The animals desperately need you and our entire community.

Please Note: Sometimes we are at the slaughterhouse gate and sometimes we are at the intersection of Appleby Line and Harvester Road on the traffic median so if you don’t find us at one location, please walk over to the other

Note: Please check the Facebook event page for updates.


January 30, 2020
8:30 am - 10:30 am
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Toronto Pig Save