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Nation Rising – Uniting For Change!

July 14, 2018 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Nation Rising is a political advocacy group that is bringing together individuals and organizations across Canada who are concerned about the environment, health, and animal rights to rally on Parliament Hill to demand the government stop it’s multi-billion dollar subsidizing of animal agriculture for the good of the people, the planet, and the animals.

Today, the Canadian government spends billions of taxpayer dollars subsidizing animal agriculture. According to WSPA, “Canada’s hog production sector would not even be viable were it not for multi-million dollar taxpayer-funded subsidies.” We should all be concerned about this, and here’s why:

~ Environment ~
There is no industry in the world responsible for more environmental devastation than the global animal by-product industry. According to scientists at the World Bank, animal agriculture is responsible for 51 percent of man-made greenhouse gases, which is more than all forms of transportation combined and tripled! It is also the world’s leading cause of deforestation, species extinction, and water pollution, and uses one third of all the world’s fossil fuels, one half of all fresh water on the planet, and 70 percent of all agricultural land.

But the government continues to subsidize this industry, and environmental organizations refuse to address it.

~ Health ~
At the same time, studies show that the consumption of animal products is directly linked to cancer and heart disease – the leading causes of death in Canada. It has gotten so bad, that now 1 in 3 people in Canada will get Cancer in their lifetime.

But the government refuses to look at the research, and keeps pouring billions of taxpayer dollars into animal agriculture, despite the fact that it’s making us sick. When a cheeseburger at McDonald’s costs a fifth the price of a salad, we have a problem! This is the result of government subsidies.

~ Animal Suffering ~
At the same time, undercover investigations from Mercy for Animals Canada, and documentaries like Earthlings, and Meet your Meat are making it harder and harder to deny the fact that the way animals are treated on factory farms is inherently cruel.

The vast majority of the population does not want animals to suffer, but the government refuses to update barbaric laws that see mother pigs kept in gestation crates so small they cannot turn around for 3 years, and babies mutilated with no anesthetic.

Recently, Mercy for Animal conducted an investigation that revealed pigs being severely abused in front of government inspectors. Coverage of the investigation on several news stations was successful at getting support from more than 80,000 Canadians, who signed a petition asking that Canada’s transportation regulations be updated to prevent egregious animal suffering, but when Mercy for Animals brought this petition to the Minister of Agriculture, it was completely ignored.

Mercy for animals has conducted dozens of investigations, all which reveal horrific abuse, and all of which have been ignored by the government.

There comes a time when things have gotten so bad, so out of control; when our government has stopped looking out for what’s best for the people, and we need drastic change to fix things – a revolution, or complete circle. The time is now, and here’s why:

~ We Have People Power ~
Because we are attacking this issue from three fronts: the environment, health, and animals welfare, we will have almost every single Canadian behind us. Ask your friends around you if they are worried about global warming, animal cruelty, or cancer. Everyone is concerned about at least one of them, but nobody knows what to do about it.

~ Research & Documentaries Backing Us ~
An ever-growing list of research, undercover investigations, and documentaries are surfacing that connect factory farming with environmental devastation, health problems, and animal cruelty. As a result, awareness and concern about the issue has never been stronger; it has become impossible to ignore.

~ The Government Won’t Act ~
Even if our government wanted to change, they can’t. They are so invested in animal agriculture, that it is unreasonable to expect a change without something drastic taking place.

~ Nonprofits Cannot Do It ~
While there are nonprofits concerned about the environment, health, and animals, it is unlikely that any one of them will achieve the kind of change we need on their own. They need a single entity to bring them together; That’s what Nation Rising is.

~ Not Acting Is Not An Option ~
The consequences of doing nothing are devastating: Cancer, heart disease, global warming, species extinction, water pollution, rampant animal abuse. Everything is linked to one culprit: animal agriculture and it’s time we said ENOUGH!

1. Stop Subsidies to Animal Agriculture
Stop the multi-billion dollar subsidies of animal agriculture. It is wrong that our tax dollars are used to fund food that makes us sick, destroys our environment, and support animals abuse we do not agree.

2. Make Healthy Food Affordable
Create new subsidies to ensure healthy, organic, plant-based food is made available and affordable to everyone, in particular to Indigenous and low-income communities.

3. Help Farmers Transition to Plant-based Farming
Provide financial assistance to farmers wishing to make the transition to plant-based farming. Also setup the necessary committees to provide guidance and assistance to farmers.

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July 14, 2018
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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Nation Rising