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Critter Visits Pressure Campaign

July 13, 2020 @ 8:00 am - July 17, 2020 @ 6:00 pm

Ducklings are not property

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for participating in this campaign to apply pressure on Critter Visits. For those who don’t know, Critter Visits is a combination of a travelling farm that goes to schools, seniors homes and various celebrations like birthdays in addition to renting out various nonhuman animals to houses across Ontario. The premise for the latter is to have families raise them for a specified period of time and then have them sent back to the farm to be killed for dinner. Here is their website to learn more about what they do: http://www.crittervisits.ca/springDucklings.html Please take a look so you understand what it is we are challenging. Critter Visits is a component of their farm, Woolley Wonderland, which is located up in the Peterborough region of Ontario.

Over the last few months they have been all over the news as this “fad” of fostering babies has taken off in an attempt to “entertain” the kids during the pandemic. The owners of this speciesist business have acquired tens of thousands of dollars in the last few months because families have wanted to keep their kids busy without considering the victims. Enough is enough. It’s time to challenge this exploitation! Nonhuman animals are not here for us – for food, entertainment or any other purpose. We demand that they stop using nonhuman animals for profit.

We will be running a social media campaign over the next week to apply pressure and agitate Critter Visits.
On Monday we will start by doing a Twitter Storm! Please find the links below that you simply click on and the Tweet should open up in your Twitter account (sign up for one easily here: https://twitter.com/i/flow/signup) and click TWEET and out it goes! Tweets will be posted Monday morning right here.
We will be targeting their Instagram and Facebook pages as well this week so please stay tuned for all for all of the details. We have created graphics to use in your posts on all platforms that you will find on this page and a list of hashtags, do feel free to add your own as well. We want to hijack the hashtags they use so that our graphics and information are found when they are searched and the public can be educated at the same time.
There will be various components of this campaign including addressing the media outlets who wrote articles about them, addressing their affiliates and contacting them via email and phone calls so please stay tuned and keep notifications turned on so that you can take part in simple calls to action. We need all of your help and participation on this.

Hashtag suggestions: #crittervisits #fosterducklings #ducklings #remotelearning #endspeciesism #animalrights #animalliberation #personsnotproperty #animals #vegan


July 13, 2020 @ 8:00 am
July 17, 2020 @ 6:00 pm
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