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An Evening with Peter Singer [Virtual]

April 3, 2022 @ 5:00 am - 7:00 pm

What does it really mean to be a good person? What is the value of a good deed? Is it even important to be good in a world that constantly rewards bad people?

They’re important questions that are becoming harder to answer, especially as we enter a post-Trump and (hopefully) post-COVID world. If you’re kept up at night wrestling with these thoughts, we’ve got the cure for what ails you – Think Inc. proudly presents An Evening with Peter Singer.

Once labelled “the most dangerous man in the world”, Peter’s arguments are founded on a simple idea – utilitarianism; a theory that states the most ethical choice, in any situation, is the one that provides the greatest good for the greatest number.

This concept underpins all of Peter’s work, and was the basis for his 2009 seminal book The Life You Can Save – a manual so influential that it inspired the global Effective Altruism movement, and was lauded by Bill and Melinda Gates!
He’s also responsible for the revolutionary Animal Liberation: A New Ethics for Our Treatment of Animals – a book that’s universally regarded as the philosophical foundation of the animal rights movement, moving millions to adopt vegetarianism and veganism.

Today, his ideas need to be amplified greatly. If we had fought against the immoral and unnecessary institutional cruelty imposed on animals for their meat, we may have avoided the COVID-19 crisis altogether. If global populations adopted the tenets of utilitarianism, polarising figures like Trump may never have found office.

Grab your tickets today, and as always, think responsibly → thinkinc.org.au/singer


April 3, 2022
5:00 am - 7:00 pm
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Toronto, Ontario Canada